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We are three jewelry designers with an aim to introduce visually striking pieces and objects to enrichen and shake up the design field in Finland.

The aspiration in our work is to show an aspect of fun. We want to look beyond jewelry and create varying pieces with unexpected materials, shapes and uses.

Dare to go nuts. Dare to be nuts. Dare to do nuts.

And eat plenty of donuts.




I get a kick out of simple things filled with emotions. I seek tranquility. I seek balance. My work is driven by the guidance created by said feelings.

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Stacks, piles, flocks and rows. Small pieces creating large volumes.

In this loud world I like to make my designs small and silent connecting the simple beauty of shape and material with a hint of playfulness. My everyday pieces become part of the wearer and the beholder as almost non-present objects. They find their place, they stay there and they are meant to be.

It inspires me that objects can become so connected to its surroundings that they are first noticed when they’re missing. Missing pieces might be found, might be replaceable, might be gone forever. One thing is for sure, they hold memories and stories.

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One has to play.

Playing keeps you connected to this world, to your work, and to the people around you.

Playing is essential to my work. I play with colours, shapes, materials, textures, senses, and stories. The coalescence and interdependence of these elements shape my work and make it multidimensional. Through my work I share a part of myself. The pieces I create should evoke memories, feelings, and thoughts - in myself and especially in the viewer.

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